I started this blog a few months before the launching of Tobe and the River Is back in  2016 and continued posting a few months afterward. Though no longer an active blog the posts are still relevant and you may find them enjoyable.

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December 28, 2015

 (The date of this social media post: Dec. 1, 2015)




            I had an experience I would like to share with you. I think it may be of some direct benefit to you. This experience also inspired the above meme.

            Early one morning, I was sitting on the couch when the voice/thought of my Higher Self whispered, “How do you feel?”

            I looked inside myself. As I was looking at the thoughts, feelings, and inner mood there, the voice said emphatically, “No! How do YOU feel?”

             Immediately my attention was directed out of my body to the space around me. The voice then said, “That is how you feel!”

            As I looked on space—its peace, its stillness, its changelessness, I felt the relief of escaping the body and the noise and heaviness of the ego mind....

December 21, 2015



           Title of Painting: Madonna, Christ Child, and Angel



You see a new world opening up.
The Christ Child—the Babe

is coming into your world—

a Child, yet your ancient Self.

You hold the Christ in your arms, close to your heart.

It looks out of your eyes now,

upon a new world full of miracles.


(The date of the original social media post: Dec. 20, 2015)





            The Christ Child is the symbol of the birth of the new, the birth of your Self. Like the Madonna in the painting, hold the Christ near to your heart. For your love of the Christ—your Self look on space. This is the manger where the Christ will be born—to lighten up your world and to take you home.

            Take a few moments and watch as the Christ is born before your eyes. It is simple. Space comes alive as you look upon it...

December 18, 2015



Title of Painting: Beyond Self-Referential Tactics



Feel the life of the space around you. 
For a moment call it “Me.”
Let this simple willingness move you beyond the body
into your new and ancient home. 
This Life surrounding you is your Self. 
Be still and let your Self teach you of Itself.


“You believe that what your physical eyes cannot see does not exist. This leads to a denial of spiritual sight.”  A Course In Miracles 




(The date of this social media post: Dec. 16, 2015)

          The energy of this space surrounding you, can you sense it? Feel how alive the air is. Take a deep breath. Realize you are breathing in your Self. You are the very essence of the Life of this moment—undefinable, unlocalized, permeating space, permeating form, permeating all. This Life holds you, yet It is, at the same time, the source and essence of your very being.
          The incredible transformatio...

December 14, 2015



Title of Painting: By the Bay


“I am nowhere to be found! I am not a thing to be given a place among other things. All things are in me, but I am not among things.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj   



(The date of this social media post: Dec. 7, 2015)



            There is a life that surrounds us. As we look upon it, it may seem vague and indistinguishable. But if we keep looking at this life, it can become the strongest thing in this world.

            To find this life I first look for it in space. This is usually the easiest place to see it. Join me as we move into a deeper relationship with this life or what I call the River. Let’s look at space together. How clean the energy of space feels in contrast to the heavy thoughts and feelings of our egos. Do you feel it? Do you see how alive it is?...

December 11, 2015


Title of Painting: Morning Sketch at Starbucks



The moment shifts. 

All is felt in relationship. 
Another world begins to shine through. 
The "I" fades. 
The living church comes to earth, 
(and has always been here).
It is all there is now. 
Peace is here again. 

Come, live in your church.
You are so holy, so vast. 
It is your Self come to earth!



(The date of the original social media post: Dec. 9, 2015)



            This experience of a higher world permeating this one started happening as I looked around in Starbucks and felt a growing relationship with everyone there. At first, it was the relationship between my body/sense of self and the bodies and felt personalities of others. Then it moved beyond focusing on bodies and personalities altogether. “My” awareness started permeating space and “I” sensed relationships existing in space as a shared, dynamic, living energy. This life was the expression of everyone’s being, yet I could sense this life extending far beyond this s...

December 8, 2015


          Title of Painting: Burning House




What is this madness in my house?

This house is burning!

Yet, as I look deep, there is an underlying peace amidst the chaos.  

Now we are again on the path.

What felt like thorns beneath the feet

has become flower petals falling from above.



(The date of the original social media post: Oct. 14, 2015)   


            All of us have had those dark states where it felt as if we stood on the edge of insanity. Or it may be more accurate to say, where we had fallen over the edge of insanity—those dark states where fear overpowers us and we feel ungrounded and vulnerable. (These are the dark holes the main character, Tobe falls into in my book Tobe and the River Is.) This painting arose out of such an experience.

                It is precisely moments such as these that can be our strongest ally in our heart-felt quest to awaken. We see our vulnerable situation as we experience the unsta...

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