I started this blog a few months before the launching of Tobe and the River Is back in  2016 and continued posting a few months afterward. Though no longer an active blog the posts are still relevant and you may find them enjoyable.

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January 29, 2016

Title of Painting: San Ildefonso Pueblo V


I am done defining myself.

I dissolve

and become pure relationship

with everything.

This is what we are!



(The date of this social media post: Jan. 15, 2016)




There are two parts to this post. The first part deals with moving beyond defining oneself. The second part deals with what we are when we let our self-definitions go and we find ourselves in a different world of living relationships with all that surrounds us.

            We are always defining our self and living within that definition. The definition can fluctuate with our different moods. One moment we may have an image of our self that is confident, the next image weak and self-critical. No matter what it is, we automatically call it “me.” From that definition or sense of self, we perceive and relate to our world. You may not believe it at this time, but it is a wholly artificial definition. This definition keeps out the realization of what we really are, which is very different. By will...

January 15, 2016

Title of Painting: The Juggler


We, Indwellers of Worlds

While busy juggling the things of this world,

A crack… Light appears.

We look in its direction.

We see another world opening up!

We keep our gaze there.

Our being moves into it.

This formless world becomes Real!

Yet, we are still in this world, too—

an effect of this Higher World!

Things here lose their heaviness.

Ah, the mystery of the hologram of this world!

And incredible form!

A light shines through it all!

What joy!—

To be blown like a leaf through worlds.

This is YOU.   



(The date of this social media post: Jan. 3, 2016)







            We find ourselves here in this world of time and form. Perhaps a busy day lays ahead of us. Yet, at any moment, we can get a glimpse of another world—a world that permeates this one.

            How do we begin to see this other world? For me, the beginning of accessing higher dimensions i...

January 8, 2016


Title of Painting: The Storm


Anger, pain, confusion, emptiness, despair.
You stand as the storm builds, as waves pummel and crash.
Lightning strikes.
Friends flee.
You don’t run!
You are alone in the cutting rawness of the world.
You feel it all— reject nothing.
You marvel.
Being, awareness here in the storm.
Then an unfathomable miracle—
“I AM”


(The date of this social media post: Dec. 27, 2015)




The title of this blog could have also been “From Darkness to Light…Again and Again,” for that is how our journey feels. Our experience is like the ever-changing patterns of shadows and light created by clouds gliding over the landscape. It is in our very nature to go through these, often dramatic, shifts of mood.

            When I unexpectedly find myself lost in the shadows, totally identified with some fear or pain, the first tool that often presents itself is acceptance. It is in the embracing of what is going on tha...

January 1, 2016

                                 Title of Painting: The Dance


“To the poet, to the philosopher, to the saint, all things are friendly and sacred,
all events profitable, all days holy, all men divine.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


(The date of this social media post: Nov. 9, 2015)





            What are these relationships in our life? Are they not mysterious? I live mostly on the surface of them. Yet, at moments, they can move into such deep expressions of love—full of wonder and beauty beyond imagining.

            What causes these shifts in the perception of others? We can feel the beginning of such shifts when our thoughts, judgments, and demands fade, and we move into the heart. We feel love’s presence. Love then freely extends itself to others. This movement into love...

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