I started this blog a few months before the launching of Tobe and the River Is back in  2016 and continued posting a few months afterward. Though no longer an active blog the posts are still relevant and you may find them enjoyable.

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March 18, 2016

 Detail of Illustration: Tobe’s Sketch of the River Is and the World

           from “Tobe and the River Is”




            In my book, “Tobe and the River Is,” after the main character Tobe goes for a swim in the mighty River Is, he becomes inspired to attempt to draw a picture of It flowing in the world. He was not sure if it could even be done. This was something that had never been attempted before in the magical land of Inlăkesh.

            Writing this scene was one of the many enjoyable moments in the creation of the book. It captured in a very direct and beautiful way my experience as a visual artist and the essence of my relationship to art.

            Starting decades ago, when I would be out painting a landscaping, I would get this overpowering sensation that this world existed in a dimension of some kind, and in this dimension, forms...

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A fairytale about awakening and self-realization

My illlustrated book, Tobe and the River Is now available.

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