I started this blog a few months before the launching of Tobe and the River Is back in  2016 and continued posting a few months afterward. Though no longer an active blog the posts are still relevant and you may find them enjoyable.

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April 1, 2016

Title of Painting: Not I But Christ Liveth In Me


In a flash

the lightning illuminates the night landscape.

Like that, this light of awareness,

in a soft flash expanding, permeates all we are,

all of what we see of this dimension.

Yet, more,

The light holds all this.

And more, It is us!

We are vast.

We are incomprehensible.

This is a hint of the I AM.

We are Totality!

Melt into that Is-ness.

Be undefinable.

Be pure Divine Mystery!

You know this.

You know this



(The date of this social media post: Jan. 21, 2016)




            In this post, we are going to first take a look at awareness and then see how it will help shift us into Oneness. What actually is awareness? In our present condition, there seems to be only a self-referential aspect to it. It is something we seem to “control.” It appears to radiate out from us as we look about at our environment, focusing on this or that.

            Notice how awareness is like a spotlight, enlivening everything it ligh...

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A fairytale about awakening and self-realization

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