Micah Sanger
PO Box 497
Mendocino, CA 95460

Tel (505) 455-2867

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I am available for speaking. My subjects cover a variety of entertaining and inspiring subjects: 

     Look, Your Inner Child is Coming Alive and Finally Playing Again! -

           The Life Enhancing Qualities of the Creative Process



     Let this World Blow Your Mind At Least Ten Times A Day! -

           The Joys of Levels of Perception



     Holy Cow! Two Worlds Doing a Dance Right Before My Eyes! –

           The Incredible Dance of the Invisible and this Physical Dimension



     What Was I Thinking!? I’m Only Living Half My Self!



     This Little Bit I Thought Was “Me!” –

           No Wonder I Was Depressed!



     Get Out of Your Psychic Pajamas! –

           Rise and Shine; It’s Time to Dance with Your Glorious Self!



     The Ultimate Orgasm –

           The Dance of Love and Unity!



     Have You Ridden A Magic Carpet Lately? –

           Ride These Threads Woven of Metaphysics and Spirituality – Guaranteed to Float and Soar!



     Do You Think This World Is About Groveling About in the Dust?

           Here, Put these Goggles On; We Got Some Flying to Do!




My fees for a presentation are $1,500 and $500 for every additional talk.