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There is a River here beneath my thoughts, my striving, and my darkest mood. How at peace It is and unaffected by all my illusions.


There is a River that pulls us; carries us; shows us what we are; takes us home.


Ask yourself: “How do I feel?” Look past the sensations of the body, all your thoughts, your feelings. Look instead upon the stillness, the life, the peace that surrounds you. That is the River. That is how you truly feel. That is what you truly are. And it flows into this body in this world.


Have but a little faith that the River is here, and It will wash away all your doubts!


Find the River in small places. Look in your cupped hand; It is there. Look in the space between objects; It is there. This simple beginning is the portal into the mighty River—to your glorious Self.






Beneath the noise and hum of the world, do you feel the changeless quiet? Watch it grow as you look on it—how full it is—how deeply it resonates. That is the River flowing gently all about you.


It is easy to see the changeless River all about you, for It is there. Yet, to see It, you must be willing to turn your attention away from the world of form for just for a moment.


Just tell yourself, “I have no form. I am the vastness of the River Itself. Then you will be able to turn and look back upon this world with love and a deep appreciation that will astound you.”


Look at your sense of self, rising from body sensations. See how all this exists on the surface of the deep peace that is the River. Be willing to be nothing; to be no one. Then, the being you are will sink deep into the River.


Everything is floating in the River, every blade of grass, every dewdrop, bird, and berry. It flows around, through and beyond everything you see. To understand, become the River!


The River is here, now—radiant, complete and whole. You experience It as you rest in your acceptance of It. This is Its miracle: that It gently draws you in and reveals Itself to you. 


There is no stronger dam than doubt to keep mighty River out. Just the tiniest bit will do.


Let the dream of the world fade before the power and might of the River.


To find the River, just accept and love what is here in its entirety. Accept and love whatever state you are in. Then the River, being Love, will be naturally drawn to Itself.


Come to the place where there is no more effort needed. Come to the shores of the glorious River, and let the miracle carry you away.


All your efforts—all this splashing about trying to reach the River only muddies the water. Just let It be!


Look! There is the River, in the stillness of the shadow, and there, in the empty cup!


Move from feeling the presence of the River to being the River! Is there any greater miracle?


Acknowledge others in the River, and you will join them there.


The “me” is finally dissolving in the River! It never did really exist except in a dream. I am becoming undefinable. Life and awareness are spreading throughout the River, more real than real! 


To truly know the River is to become the River.


You are not that which walks in the dream. That is an illusion of what you are—a projection into this dimension for your learning, for your experience. But we have gotten lost in this projection—this self. We are the River that flows through the dream, as well as that which creates the dream.


No effort is needed; there is nothing to be done. The River is flowing.


At this moment, there is no “I” nor “mine” to muddy the water. Here, now, the River is clear emptiness, yet unimaginable fullness.


You look at yourself and you see a body. I look at you and see the River. How glorious you are to me.


Are you ready to surrender every bit of what you call yourself? Do you trust the River? Then let go, and watch yourself becoming the River.


Ah, the River—the Self we share!


Go beneath this thin film of self, floating on the surface of the River. Dive into the depths of the River where flows your true Self.


The River flows crystal clear everywhere. All else is sleep—dreams floating on Its surface.  


The self that yearns to be in the River will never be in the River. 


Beyond bodies, find your relationships in the River.


Ah, Love in the River!


Ride happiness into the River, for It is happiness!










Tobe is transformed into the living being of the sacred Great Fish

     Come, Swim in the River!

Thoughts for the edge of the diving board

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