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Post 1 Going Beyond the Body

Entering Your Natural Realm with Confidence

Yes, it may sound strange, yet, in your natural condition you are not a body. Experiencing that is a big step,—one of the biggest we can take. Many people throughout time have verified this, sometimes during a near-death experience or some other higher state of consciousness. Such transitions sound too fantastic to many, but they are actually an aspect of our true Self. As we move beyond the body, we are merely returning to our natural home, our natural condition.

It may seem antithetical, but moving into this paradigm beyond the body is not a form of escapism from this world; but it is a deeper integration with it. After such an experience, when you return to this dimension, you will find that you live life more fully, more joyously. The body becomes an amazing tool for extending love and compassion, which is the nature of the reality beyond this dimension.

This exploration into your amazing true nature, free of the self-instated confines of the ego-self is the best investment of our time and energy. Just look at all the energy and time we expend on just entertaining ourselves. Can we not give some of that time to exploring what will really make us complete and really happy—happy beyond our grandest imaginings?

To have an actual experience of this life beyond the body read about the techniques Auriel tells Tobe about in the story as he approaches the River Is. It is my hope, that through Tobe, the reader will start to become open and familiar with this other world that stands open before us. This return just awaits our willingness.

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