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Post 16: Awareness in the River

Detail of Illustration: The River Flowing Around Auriel and Tobe

From “Tobe and the River Is”

There is an awareness in the River And is your own.

(The date of this social media post: Jan. 21, 2016)

Feel the stillness that surrounds you. How strong it is; how powerful, yet yielding. It never changes (though it grows in depth—“like petals in an opening flower”). This is what I call the River. It welcomes us to enter into It and become one with It. How do we move into the River? It is our awareness that will open this new reality to us.

Awareness is so mysterious. Contrary to what we think, it is not limited to the body at all. To move into the River, all we need to do is let our awareness feel space—feel its mood, its life. Then comes the mysterious part; as awareness focuses on space, in a very literal way, awareness extends into space!

And over time as you sit there and your awareness increases, the power of the River will become more and more apparent. And that power is you! Your awareness has left the realm of the body/mind, and you now find yourself one with awareness and space! This is one of the greatest transformations: to move from seeing the River, to being the River! Take a few moments and see if this becomes your experience.

What can greatly assists in this process of shifting into your freedom is to willingly, throughout the day, move your sense of identification from your body/mind paradigm as solely what you are, to the River—the Spacious Self as what you are—not conceptually, but very literally. And during the day, when any disturbance arises, use it as a reminder to shift your identification to the peace and calm of the River—the River as what you are. The River is always calm. Bathe in It. Merge with It. Become dyed through and through by It. Discover your Self. And this body here in the world will be seen as your divine expression of this Self. The body/essence, free of the darkness of the ego, will begin to move through this world with such lucidity and compassion as a holy effect of this higher Cause.

I have something very special to announce! In celebration of “National To Tell a Fairytale Day,” my own fairytale is launching today, February 26th 2016! Yeah! It is an illustrated book titled “Tobe and the River Is.” The book was three years in the making. The compiling of notes for the book began over fourteen years ago. Enjoy the book. I think you will. There is a lot of heart in it.

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