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Post 15: Swimming in the River

Detail of Illustration:

The River Flowing Around Auriel and Tobe

From “Tobe and the River Is”

The River surrounds us.

It is the peace, stillness, and life of the moment.

It does not change.

It is in the very life of the air we breathe.

Look on the River.

To see It takes a “soft” kind of vision—the vision of the heart.

Next, move from seeing the River to being the River!

Become one with space, free and under different laws,

free of all boundaries.

This is one of the greatest miracles that can befall us.

Yet, we do not negate the body or the world.

The River is the light in our eyes,

looking out with love upon the world.

Know the joy of what you are—

in loving relationship with everything in this world.

(The date of this social media post: Feb. 20, 2016)

In my illustrated story, “Tobe and the River Is,” which will be launching February 26th, Tobe arrives in an enchanted land called Inlăkesh, and with the help of his young guide Auriel, he learns how to first see the River Is and then how to swim in It. We can do both this moment. It is not hard to do.

The River surrounds us. As Tobe learned to see It so can we. Perhaps it will help to feel It first. It is the peace and stillness that surrounds us. It is the life of the moment. It is what is not changing. It is in the very life of the air we breathe. Take a moment and let us settle into It. Let us become dyed through and through by this peace, stillness, and life. Can you see It now starting to reveal Itself? Don’t try; don’t focus on It too much. This seeing is more like a “soft” vision of the heart.

Now we come to the most interesting part of all. To move from feeling the River—from perceiving It to becoming It! This is one of the greatest miracles that can befall us. Just move your identification with yourself from your body and mind, and start, instead, to identifying with this peace and stillness of the River as what you are. At first, it may seem to be a subtle shift, yet it can grow into something wondrous and powerful. You become free of boundaries as you merge with the River. And then it is the River that is the light in your eyes. It is the love of the River that looks out with love upon the world.

Learn this discipline: when you ask yourself how you feel, move your focus from the body/mind to the River. Bring your attention to the River; experience what is there, and then answer the question. Do this over and over again, until it becomes a habit.

An important side note is needed here. We are not negating our body nor looking down upon it. It is miraculous. It is an extension of our Will, Mind and Being into this hologram of a world. It is our vehicle for a period of time that we may partake and enjoy experiences with others here. But to perceive the body’s true miraculous nature I find it imperative, for myself, that I move beyond it into my magnitude as my Self. My being becomes one with space where I am free and under completely different laws. Then my relationship to the body/essence/personality that is here in this space/time dimension takes on the right perspective with the greatest of ease. It is a harmonious, loving relationship.

Become filled with the sweet desire to know yourself, free of all limits. Know the joy of what you are. And in this freedom, you will know your loving relationship with everyone and everything in this world. You have no idea how happy and complete you are in truth! Let my character Tobe show you some of what awaits you on this most incredible journey.

If these words did not move you into the experience of the River, do not be discouraged; do not give up. When the time is right, it will happen. Just be open; just be willing.

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