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Post 14: Worlds Coming Together

Title of Painting: Mystical House IV

My ego mumbles,

“You are alone.”

A wave of pain tears through me,

leaving my inner world crumpled and aching.

A soft thought comes,

“But how can you be alone?”

I look around.

The room is full of the living energy of relationships with everyone!

I close my eyes.

Beyond the dream of form,

my world is full of the pure energy of Oneness.

Tears come to the eyes at its beauty.

This is the very essence of all our existence.

Yes, one of the deepest aches of this world is a lie.

Loneliness, my dear brother, my dear sister is but an ego dream.

(The date of this social media post: Jan. 16, 2016)

We are moving into new worlds—the world of relationships between and beyond bodies, and the world of Oneness. In this blog, I want to focus on these four lines in particular in the above post:

The room is full of the living energy of relationships with everyone!

I close my eyes.

Beyond the dream of form,

my world is full of the pure energy of Oneness.

The first line deals with the energy of relationships. Our relationships, once free of the limitations of the ego, can become a radiant expression of love flowing through us. The next time you are with someone, focus on the life of the relationship. Do not focus on the body/personality but more on the energy between you. See how the energy mingles, and where you end and the other person begins you cannot tell apart. Observe how there is a range of energy to this relationship. It occupies a certain frequency in terms of emotion, attraction, etc.

No matter how pleasant or intense the energy between you, try to be aware of its limitations. It could even go higher, be freer. What has happened is that the ego has its hand on the rheostat of love. It keeps our relationships in an “acceptable” lower range where the ego exists more comfortably, “safer,” and more asleep. Now imagine if that ego hand were lifted from the rheostat of the heart, and the relationship could be a conduit through which an amazingly powerful energy could flow, beyond what you have imagined possible. We only need to welcome it and step out of the way.

The beautiful thing about the dynamic interplay of relationships is that their life is a portal into Oneness. As you feel space coming alive with the energy of relationships (which we are having with everything), you move into a different reality completely. The individuated relationships become a living sea of relationships where things begin to blend and merge into one. Become still. Feel these relationships surrounding you now, and go for a swim as you let them become more and more intense and free.

I just had a curious experience. I went into the kitchen to prepare lunch. As I was standing at the kitchen window thoughts started coming about this blog. Then the thought came, “Right now, as you stand here, you are in relationship with the universe and existence, itself.” I instantly felt the interplay of that relationship. It was very alive. Then the life of that relationship seemed to move and expand into a broader range of experience that held this dimension. Words will only fail here so I will attempt no further to express it.

My experience is not as important here as your own. For this blog is about you and what you can feel and know this very moment. Take a moment and feel yourself in a relationship with the universe, with life, the world, with God. Open to the idea that in this energy of relationships Oneness exists and watch it be revealed to you. All exists in relationship; relationship exists in All—and All is One.

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