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Post 12: Worlds Touching

Title of Painting: The Juggler

We, Indwellers of Worlds

While busy juggling the things of this world,

A crack… Light appears.

We look in its direction.

We see another world opening up!

We keep our gaze there.

Our being moves into it.

This formless world becomes Real!

Yet, we are still in this world, too—

an effect of this Higher World!

Things here lose their heaviness.

Ah, the mystery of the hologram of this world!

And incredible form!

A light shines through it all!

What joy!—

To be blown like a leaf through worlds.

This is YOU.

(The date of this social media post: Jan. 3, 2016)

We find ourselves here in this world of time and form. Perhaps a busy day lays ahead of us. Yet, at any moment, we can get a glimpse of another world—a world that permeates this one.

How do we begin to see this other world? For me, the beginning of accessing higher dimensions is quite simple, and there is a variety of approaches. One of the easiest ways is to merely look at space, feeling its life. The thought often comes after a while, Can you feel what is not changing? Truth is changeless, and it can actually be felt. To look at what is not changing, to sense its nature will take you straight to this Reality.

The next part of the shift is more “personal.” It is willingly moving my sense of identification away from the body/ego as my sense of self to identifying with space, instead, as what I am. Over time, perhaps seconds, minutes or hours, as you hold this state of gently observing and allowing, this shift literally happens and one becomes this formless Self—this Is-ness—the hint of the I AM. And it grows stronger and stronger.

As we become this Life that surrounds us, the body with a sense of individuation is still there. Our being encompasses that, too. We hold it all. This physical existence in this dimension resonates with more of a neutrality, yet, at the same time, it is felt as more holy, being an effect of our higher Self.

Discover the magnitude of your Self. It is glorious and joyful to experience. It just requires a little focus, patience, and willingness. And the less there is a feeling of trying, the better.

To summarize the process, start with the realization that Truth is here. Truth holds this second in Its fullness. Our effort is merely to let go and melt into it. Let your feeling of a “me” get softer and softer. Look how transparent it becomes. Yes, “you” are still in the world, but beyond, too.

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