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Post 18: Awareness and the State of Oneness

Title of Painting: Not I But Christ Liveth In Me

In a flash

the lightning illuminates the night landscape.

Like that, this light of awareness,

in a soft flash expanding, permeates all we are,

all of what we see of this dimension.

Yet, more,

The light holds all this.

And more, It is us!

We are vast.

We are incomprehensible.

This is a hint of the I AM.

We are Totality!

Melt into that Is-ness.

Be undefinable.

Be pure Divine Mystery!

You know this.

You know this

(The date of this social media post: Jan. 21, 2016)

In this post, we are going to first take a look at awareness and then see how it will help shift us into Oneness. What actually is awareness? In our present condition, there seems to be only a self-referential aspect to it. It is something we seem to “control.” It appears to radiate out from us as we look about at our environment, focusing on this or that.

Notice how awareness is like a spotlight, enlivening everything it lights upon, revealing its nature to us. It can move to the particular—a color, an object—animate or inanimate; to a scent, a sound; the particular energy in someone’s eyes. Or it can expand its focus and sense the vast space of a whole landscape. It can also turn inward to our thoughts or feelings. It can move to subtle levels and feel the mood of a room or the life in the totality of the moment. It is fluid—moving and gliding through levels of perception, and we do not even pause to wonder at its amorphous nature.

As I study awareness in this moment, I am amazed how alive it is. Yet my mind cannot grasp it. What is it?! No words can describe it or encompass it. Yet, experiencing it is all we need do.

Did you notice, as we focus on awareness, it takes us to another world? Usually, we are only focusing on form in the external world or the activity of our inner world. Focusing on awareness itself moves us to something very pure and alive. And what is fascinating is that as we study awareness, awareness is actually becoming aware of itself!

Now that we are aligned with awareness to some degree, we will now let it lead us in the direction of Oneness. Let your awareness focus on space. It is often in space that it is most easy at first to perceive Oneness. Feel how alive space is. (It is awareness that feels this life.) Our mind, our attitudes determine what awareness opens up to us. So now, let us change our mind about space. It is dynamically alive in ways we have barely begun to be open to.

One effort that will add much to this shift in perception of space is to go to a room of people (I am in a coffee shop at the moment) and feel the energy of your relationships that you are having with everyone there. Let your awareness move from its primary focus on their bodies and personalities to feeling the pure energy of your relationship with everyone. It is almost as if you are sensing their aura field. Feel this energy of relationships permeating space.

Now open your heart and mind to a Oneness existing space. Take a few moments to observe any shifts that may occur as you sit with this idea. As the perception of Oneness begins to open to you, let your sense of identification that is presently totally aligned with the body and its personal sense of self, move out to the Oneness of space as what you are. Yes, Oneness can actually become your Identity! Is there any greater mystery?…and to live it! How incredible that is.

Be patient before the revelation of the world of Oneness. Turn gently in its direction, which always surrounds us.

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