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Post 3 Our Dear and Holy Relationships

Title of Drawing: The Kiss

Go beyond the body. Join there. It is the beginning of Oneness and the glory of who you are!

“Be not afraid, my child, but let your world be gently lit by miracles. And where the little gap was seen to stand between you and your brother, join him there.” A Course In Miracles

(The date of the social media post: Nov. 14, 2015)

I am entering into a most unusual level of experience in my relationships, and I want you to join with me in this most curious and exciting adventure. Relationships are indeed becoming holy. They are clearly seen as existing on two levels. The first and most obvious level is the one of bodies and our ego personalities. The next and more mysterious level is where our relationships are seen to exist beyond the body—existing in the life of space. (This dimension also permeates the dimension of our seeming solid bodies, and at moments, we can be aware that this is true.)

This is not something extraordinary. It is the beginning of moving towards the realization of your Self—your glorious Self. You are simply returning home—after a very long spell. This is something we cannot do, but we can let it happen, merely by looking in the direction of joining and our oneness, and by being willing for this to occur.

You may wonder, “How can I experience my relationships beyond the body in a very real way?”

One exercise that can facilitate the direct experience of your holy relationships is to look at the space around you. Do you feel how alive it is? Now, imagine and sense, to whatever degree possible, the spirit of someone you know and love, existing in that very space. Feel their presence holding and permeating you, down to your deepest feelings and thoughts. Let the heart show you this. This, too, trains your will to move in this new direction.

The significance of these holy relationships we feel with individuals is that they are a direct portal to a realm of oneness, incomprehensible and vast beyond imagining.

Come, come with me to this living garden—this garden made of Love!

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