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Post 6: Our Non-Localized Reality

Title of Painting: By the Bay

“I am nowhere to be found! I am not a thing to be given a place among other things. All things are in me, but I am not among things.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

(The date of this social media post: Dec. 7, 2015)

There is a life that surrounds us. As we look upon it, it may seem vague and indistinguishable. But if we keep looking at this life, it can become the strongest thing in this world.

To find this life I first look for it in space. This is usually the easiest place to see it. Join me as we move into a deeper relationship with this life or what I call the River. Let’s look at space together. How clean the energy of space feels in contrast to the heavy thoughts and feelings of our egos. Do you feel it? Do you see how alive it is?

We find ourselves on the threshold of a new world. A choice looms before us now. This life we are looking at in the room is no more than a tiny tide pool of a vast ocean of Life. Do we continue in the dream of the world and the illusion of being this limited self in a body, or do we dare to venture into this Life we feel in space as what we are? Do we identify with the body/ego sense of self or with this hint of our magnitude? Where do you want your sense of self to be? It is a choice that can open up a whole new world. To choose this new world is a testimonial to the spirit of the explorer in you. Your will is one of the mightiest things in the universe. The choice is yours.

Yet, there is a contradiction here. This new world is but our ancient home. A part of us knows it well. We are just returning home.

Move with me. Let the frequency of your body and being match the frequency/vibration of space, letting the burdens of your separate ego-self fall away for a moment. This is the beginning. It’s simplicity can mask the profound change that awaits you. Let this Life of space hold and permeate your body. Sit in this space-awareness letting time pass—ten minutes, twenty, an hour, two, or three. What does time matter when you are being introduced to Truth, to your Self, and to the Is-ness of the cosmos. Be patient. As your awareness of this Life, this River deepens just observe your being slipping into It—becoming one with It.

There is an Eastern saying, “Be like a salt doll and dive into the Ganges.”

Notice how this Life expands and shifts, taking on different qualities. Now It is in space, then permeating the totality of the moment and all the forms in the moment. Then this Life, this River turns the world into a hologram of energy, being projected by Itself and existing within Itself.

This experience comes with little effort on our part. But what is essential for this to happen is our heartfelt commitment and the time dedicated to its realization.

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