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Post 7: The Life Surrounding You Is You

Title of Painting: Beyond Self-Referential Tactics

Feel the life of the space around you. For a moment call it “Me.” Let this simple willingness move you beyond the body into your new and ancient home. This Life surrounding you is your Self. Be still and let your Self teach you of Itself.

“You believe that what your physical eyes cannot see does not exist. This leads to a denial of spiritual sight.” A Course In Miracles

(The date of this social media post: Dec. 16, 2015) The energy of this space surrounding you, can you sense it? Feel how alive the air is. Take a deep breath. Realize you are breathing in your Self. You are the very essence of the Life of this moment—undefinable, unlocalized, permeating space, permeating form, permeating all. This Life holds you, yet It is, at the same time, the source and essence of your very being. The incredible transformation of your sense of self begins with this simple turning of your awareness in the direction of space and perceiving the Life that constantly hums there.

These words have done all they can do. Everything is here in front of you. Take a few moments and be still. Give time to this stillness that this Life can reveal Itself to you on deeper and deeper levels.

Abstract painting, like my painting above, titled Beyond Self-Referential Tactics, is a great way to explore the energy and life of space. I have included a few additional sketches to show you how simple the process can be and to encourage you to do some exploring on your own if you are so inclined. These sketches took just a few moments. The majority of the time I spent being still as I looked upon the scene, sensing to deeper and deeper levels the dynamics of the living space.

To begin is all you need is a scrap piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Colored pencils or crayons give you more options of expression. As my body starts to match the energies of space, I sense the type of line to draw that will express the reality before me. Colors also appear in my mind’s eye. This is a visual vocabulary your own intuitive nature and heart will develop on their own, without any conscious effort on your part. This will happen as you continue to draw.

The important part is just to start drawing so the visual vocabulary can develop. The more you let go, the better, while at the same time holding your awareness at a very high level. One step that may help in getting the awareness” tuned up” is to feel the mood of the space about you. Now let the mood permeate your body. Surrender and let your inner vibration match the vibration of the mood.

Again, feel the energy of space and quickly express it in line without any judgment or thought. Be aware of the energy of space as it harmonizes with the energy of your body as you draw. Feel it in your hand as it moves. If you have colored pencils or crayons, pick a color that feels closest to the energy of space. Let your higher intuitive nature do the drawing. Let it teach you. This part of the mind works at a much quicker speed than the critical, logical part. Watch and over time, you will see this language of line and color develop on its own for you.

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