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Post 8: The Christ Child Comes to Earth

Title of Painting: Madonna, Christ Child, and Angel

You see a new world opening up. The Christ Child—the Babe

is coming into your world—

a Child, yet your ancient Self.

You hold the Christ in your arms, close to your heart.

It looks out of your eyes now,

upon a new world full of miracles.

(The date of the original social media post: Dec. 20, 2015)

The Christ Child is the symbol of the birth of the new, the birth of your Self. Like the Madonna in the painting, hold the Christ near to your heart. For your love of the Christ—your Self look on space. This is the manger where the Christ will be born—to lighten up your world and to take you home.

Take a few moments and watch as the Christ is born before your eyes. It is simple. Space comes alive as you look upon it. It is a new kind of vision. It is the beginning of an awakening to the magnitude of your glorious, non-localized Self. Just keep looking on what is not changing, for Truth does not change. For a moment, be open. Do not let your ego mind criticize or analyze, just trust.

As space becomes more and more alive, feel yourself merging with it and taking on formlessness and a higher level of consciousness. You find your sense of self expanding outward into a new, living paradigm beyond form. There will be moments where your senses of self grows vast. This shift beyond the body and beyond the ego self is the greatest challenge and the one we resist the most.

As the Christ Child represents the Self beyond the body, it also symbolizes the integration of the body’s existence with that of Spirit. Observe, how over time, this living consciousness you experience in space begins to pervade your body/ego identity. Observe how the manifestations of the body, once permeated by the egoic self, are now more and more resonating with the clear consciousness of the Christ as the ego fades in Its light. As you watched the Christ being born in space, now you are literally watching the Christ being born in the body. Some manifestations of what you used to call “me” are disappearing altogether. The Christ not only transforms the home of the ego but the heart as well. The Christ then becomes the symbol of the extension of love into the world—the love that is what we are. Now, for a moment, go beyond all symbols. Melt into the Christ, the River of your being.

Though it is not touched on here, the Christ Child is also the symbol of Oneness—a shared identity. The body of the Christ Child represents the enigma of Oneness manifesting into the world of form as a separate body.

About the Painting

The Christ Child, with pure awareness looking out of His eyes, gazes upon the dove, the symbol of the higher worlds, while He looks upon the things of this world. The Madonna holds the child to her heart as she looks up and beyond this world. Above an angel soars, the symbol of guidance, help, and grace.

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